About us

Sustainable, inclusive economic growth for a nation. The FEFP analyses and advises.

The Forum on Economic and Fiscal Policy (FEFP) was founded in 2016. Based in the Netherlands, the Forum is a non-profit, non-doctrinal, and not tied to any special interests, independent think tank. Our aim is to leverage our knowledge and capabilities to enhance economic growth and to support governments and organisations in advancing sustainable and inclusive growth, while taking into account the impact of global challenges, such as climate change, migration and geopolitics. The Forum conducts and publishes fiscal and economic research and analysis, organizes special seminars and advises governments on how to improve their economic policy in today's global state of (geo)political, environmental and social economic turmoil.

Some of our events

FEFP Global Conference Beyond Tax Policy October 2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
FEFP Presentation on Global Changes Impacting Taxation at the SIFSA Meeting and Conference July 2017, held in Victoria, Seychelles
FEFP Presentation at the ITRAF's conference on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting held in Bangalore, India.
FEFP Presentation on Fiscal Policy for Parliament Finance Committee of Finland at the Embassy of Finland, the Netherlands
FEFP Global Conference on Fiscal Policy, May 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
FEFP Meeting of FEFP members, May 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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