Since its launch in 2016, The Forum on Economic and Fiscal Policy has been regularly organizing special meetings and conferences around the world. These meetings and Conferences are attended by esteemed delegates and policy makers from Ministries of Finances, Central Banks, Research departments, consultancy firms and civil society actors from all continents.
The FEFP Meetings and Conferences aim to strengthen knowledge sharing, capacity building and technical assistance between stakeholders. It facilitates the documentation and sharing of innovative good practices, models, approaches and tools for cooperation that can help countries to realize their shared aspirations for achieving sustainable and equitable development.

Just a glimp of some of our meetings:

The FEFP Conference was held in cooperation with the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD, The Netherlands) and the International Tax and Research Analysis Foundation (ITRAF, India). The FEFP Conference was focused on Tax Policy, one of the most important and controversial agenda topics for governments, corporations and society.
The Forum on Economic and Fiscal Policy ( organized its annual conference on fiscal policy in Amsterdam. The FEFP Meeting was held in the Vincent Van Gogh Museum. During this meeting, the Members of the FEFP exchanged their views on economic and fiscal policies and the global development of these policies in the nearby future. The FEFP Conference on Tax Policy was attended by distinguished guests of 18 countries, representing governments, business, academia and international organizations.